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• 9/21/2013

Someone come back?

As you may notice... Nobody's on. It's been since July... I'm sorry, but I can't take it. This wiki is troublesome, it's destroyed my dream - A sucessful Wiki. I wanted sucess. At least SOME sucess. But take a look around... Noboby's here. My 'Crats should be ashamed... They helped a major part into driving me into this. I couldn't see anything wrong when it was created. NOW. It's dead... It feels like an enormous black void... It's taken so much of my time. Please, come back, or this Wiki's gonna end up like Flareon - DEAD. This Wiki cannot possibly live through this. I feel like I'm done on this place. Blue was arrogent, Crow's been ignorant, and all the others have been ignorant! I've been the most active here, by far. It's no wonder this place sunk so deep. If you'll excuse me, I'm going to post this on a few people's pages. I am done.


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• 10/7/2013
hi o3o
• 10/7/2013
I can leave if you want me to...
• 10/9/2013

No, dun please. I need all the help I can get to get this up and running again

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