DarkClan are the most vicious of the Clans. They all own Videogame systems.



  • Bloodstar - Vicious black she-cat with white chest, muzzle, and front paw, she has yellow-red eyes. (Blue)


  • Blade - A dark gray tom with red stripes, and red eyes. HARDCORE. (Redshade)

Med Cat / Med cat ApprenticeEdit

  • Blackshadow - Black and white she-cat with bright amber eyes and thorn sharp claws. (RP by Crow)
  • Heatherpaw - Pale ginger tabby she-cat with pale amber eyes. (Blue)


  • Frostclaw - Brown tabby tom with frosty blue eyes. (No owner... yet)
  • Nightfang - Black she-cat with green eyes. (Blue)
  • Featherflight: Fluffy long hair silver tabby tom. (No owner...yet)
  • Grasseye: White she-cat with grass colored eyes. (No owner...yet)
  • Darkpetal - Black tom with golden eyes. (Rose)
  • Purpleclaw - Black she-cat with pinkish purpleish eyes with a scar on her eye from a badger. (Rose)
  • Spiritalfeather - Black she-cat with green eyes. {{SUBST:User:Shadow Force/Sig}} 00:57, May 20, 2013 (UTC)


  • Flame - A ginger tom with orange eyes. (Redshade)
  • Raven - Black she-cat with green eyes. (Kitty)

Queens and Kits-Edit

  • Blossomfur: Black and brown she-cat with amber eyes.(No owner...yet) Kits:
  • Dewkit: Pure white tom with icy blue eyes. (No owner...yet)
  • Blackstripe: White she-cat with a black tabby stripes with BRIGHT blue eyes. (No owner...yet)Kits:
  • Blackkit: White she-cat with a pure black tail with pale amber eyes. (Crow)

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