Diamondstar is a pretty, slender, fluffy gray and white she-cat with a diamond on her cheek, which shows that she is healthy or sick, perfect triangular ears, and bright blue eyes. She has strong, long, tough white legs, a plumy gray chest like a lion mane and a long, plumy white tail.


Diamondstar is kind and caring, always willing to share fresh-kill or go hunting with a friend. She also is slightly proud and stands for her clan. Diamondstar is very responsible and has lots of leadership. She is very fierce and agile in battle. Diamondstar believes that the warrior code and the clan comes first. Diamondstar has a brilliant mind and would lay her lives down for her clan.


Diamondfang is a very loyal warrior of Shroudclan.

She becomes deputy, then leader of Shroudclan choosing Gingerbreeze as deputy.

Life ImageEdit

Diamondkit Warrior Life


  • She is very special to Crystal, athough she doesn't represent any people or real life cats.
  • She is based off Firestar, from the real Warriors Universe.