ForestClan is one of the clans of the forest. It is like ThunderClan. They are strong and brave.



  • Glowingstar -pale ginger,almost yellow, tabby she-cat with long legs, and a short tail with glowing green eyes. (Cinder)


  • ForestleafSoil brown she-cat with leaf green eyes. Rped by Crystal.

Medicine CatEdit

  • Limegaze - Gray tabby she-cat with lime green eyes. (Blue)

Medicine Cat ApprenticeEdit

  • Frostleaf: Blue gray she-cat with blue eyes. (Crow)


  • Loudclaw - Silver tabby tom with three black stripes running down his back. Has a black tailtip, and emerald green eyes. Loudclaw
  • Redshade - Ginger tabby tom with color-changing eyes. (Afterlife)
  • Spikyfur - Gray and white tom with very spiky fur and yellow-orange eyes. (Blue)
  • Violet - Gray tabby she-cat with diamond-like purple eyes. (Blue)
  • Branchfall - Scrawny brown she-cat with amber eyes.(Kitty)
  • Sunbracken - Pretty gray she-cat with darker flecks and green eyes. (Blue)
  • Darkclaw - Black tom with orange eyes. (No owner...yet.)
  • Cloudeye - Gray tabby tom with strange blue eyes. (Blue)
  • Whiteclaw - Ginger tabby she-cat with one white paw and green eyes. (Blue)
  • Sandstripe - Sandy colored tabby tom with green eyes. (No owner...yet.)
  • Greyflight - Grey she-cat with icy blue eyes.
  • Fuzzypelt - Fuzzy black tom with amber eyes. (Blue)
  • Meadowleaf - Toroiseshell she-cat with green eyes. (Meadow)
  • Lionspirit - Pale ginger tom with tan chest and greenish yellow eyes. (Blue)
  • Cursepelt - A completely black tom with blue eyes. Has a dark form with laser red eyes. (Afterlife)
  • Ghostpelt - Bright white she-cat. Dawn


  • Rustpaw: Ginger tabby tom with big blue eyes. (No owner...yet)
  • Featherpaw: Silvery grey tom with green eyes (Tangle)
  • Leafpaw : beautiful brown tabby she-cat with green eyes (Spotty)
  • Icypaw: pale gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes (Spotty)
  • Furzepaw: Yellow-brown she-cat with amber eyes (Spotty)

 Oueens and KitsEdit

  • Wheatfur - Pale ginger she-cat with gold eyes. Kits:
  • Adventurekit - Tortoiseshell tom with green eyes.

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