LightningClan is one of the many Clans. They are the fastest Clan of them all.



  • Sharpstar - A dark brown tom with warm yellow eyes. (Redshade)


  • Swiftshadow- white she-cat with black ear tips and frosty blue eyes (Blue)

Medicine catEdit

  • Stormwillow - Mottled silver tom with storm gray eyes. Rped by Crystal.

Medicine cat ApprenticeEdit

  • Dottedfur -  Pretty, short furred white she-cat with black dots, blue eyes and a pink nose.(Kitty)


  • Lightflower: Very pale ginger she-cat with green eyes. (Crow)
  • Copperfang: Dark ginger tom with amber eyes. (No owner...yet)
  •  Brighttail: White she-cat with a ginger tail blue eyes.(No owner...yet)
  • Whiteberry: White she-cat with flecks of black also with bright warm blue eyes.(No owner...yet)
  • Rosefoot - Cream colored she-cat with pink eyes. (Rose)
  • Cloudymoon-White tabby she-cat with blue eyes(blueheart)
  • Quickfoot- A white tom with amber eyes (Bluey)
  • Dawnsong - A dark brown she-cat with pretty blue eyes. (Dawn)

Warrior apprenticesEdit

  • Shadowpaw : A small black she-cat with blue eyes. (Redshade? YUS)

Queens and KitsEdit

  • Pinefoot: Light ginger she-cat.(No owner...yet) Kits:
  • Shadekit - Grey tabby kit with brown eyes and a white underbelly.
  • Tabbykit - Tabby tom with blue eyes. (No owner..yet)
  • Suncloud: Bright ginger she-cat with white chest and paws also with green eyes(Crow)Kits:
  • Redkit: Ginger tabby tom with green eyes.(No owner...yet)