Loners and Rogues are cats that aren't in the Clans.


  • Cream - Cream colored she-cat with brown face, ears, tail, and paws. She has icey blue eyes. (Blue)
  • Leopardpelt - Leopard patterned tom with amber eyes. (Left LightningClan in depression for his dead mate.)
  • Swirl: Brown she-cat with swirl patterns. (Will maybe meet Leopardpelt and become friends).
  • Brownie - Brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes. (Blue)
  • Boot - White tom with ginger paws, Flamefoots long lost brother. (No owner...yet)
  • Bean - Small gray she-cat.(No owner...yet)
  • Buster - Dark tan tom with light tan on his face, underbelly, paws.
  • Afterlife - Tigerstar's brother, completely white including his eyes and pupils. (Afterlife)


  • Tigerstar - Dark brown tabby with amber eyes, exiled from the Clans, formerly LightningClan. (Redshade)
  • Greenheart - Tortoiseshell tom with amber eyes followed Tigerstar into an exile. (Crow)
  • Bark: Dark brown visous she-cat with green eyes.(Crow)
  • Grey: Dark gray visous tom with blue eyes, Bark's mate. (No owner...yet)
  • Carrot: White she-cat with a diet for carrots. Gray's sister. (No owner...yet)
  • Fish: Gray tabby she-cat with a sleek pelt like a fish.(No owner...yet)
  • Fire: Huge ginger tom with amber eyes and an uncomfortable collar. (No owner..yet.)


•Pineapple: Small yellowish Orange tom. Willow’s Mate.(Has an owner)

•Willow: Dark rey And creamy colored shecat. Pineapples mate.(Has an owner)

•Buzzard:Greyish Black tom, light amber brown eyes.(Has an owner(