RainingClan, a clan of the forest. They are great at swimming, and love the wet water. RainingClan is a lot like RiverClan, from the real Warriors Series. They live near the river.



  • Diamondstar - Beautiful, slender, fluffy silver tabby and white she-cat with a white ruff of fur around her neck and bright blue eyes that shine like the actual gem.


  • Reserved for Loud

Medicine CatEdit

  • Dewfur: Pale gray tom with pure blue eyes. (No owner...yet)

Medicine cat ApprenticeEdit

  • Cloudpaw: White and silver tom with bright amber eyes. (No owner....yet)


  • Watercurrent - Strong gray tabby with blue eyes. (Redshade)
  • Snowflake - White she-cat with tan tabby stripes and clear blue eyes. (Blue)
  • Riverflower - Pretty silver tabby she-cat with blue eys. (Blue)
  • Bluewater: Silver she-cat with warm blue eyes.(Crow)
  • Rainbowgaze- Pale ginger tabby with strange rainbow eyes.(No owner...yet)
  • Flamefoot - White tom with ginger paws and with amber eyes. (Crow)
  • Rainpath - A white tortiseshell tom with amber eyes. (Redshade)
  • Mintflower - Pure black she-cat with sharp green eyes.  (Cry)
  • Firefrost - Fire cat with bloodred eyes. AWESOME! (Crow)
  • Greenshade - Green tabby tom with black eyes. (Crow)


  • Whitepaw: White she-cat with one blue eye and other green.
  • Crowpaw - Pure black tom with cold, icy eyes (Spotty)
  • Crystalpaw - light gray she-cat with bright green eyes(Kitty)

Queens and KitsEdit

  • Greyfoot - Grey she-cat with amber eyes. Kits:
  • Shadekit - Grey tabby tom with brown eyes a white underbelly, and small ears.
  • Shadowkit - Black and white tom. Dawn