Okay. First of all, I am not cruel, and neither are these rules. I made these rules up myself!

Very serious, will result in banningEdit

  1. No cyberbullying. We will not give a warning, we'll ban you from the wiki on the spot. WILL result in a ban up to 1 year.
  2. No trolling. Ever. We will give ONE WARNING, and then we can block you for up to a lifetime ban.
  3. Abuse of power. You will not get a warning, just a 2 month ban and loss of power.

Not as serious, could result in a ban.Edit

  1. Telling people to fuck off. I allow swearing, until you do that, and you could get a 3 day ban.
  2. Spamming. This is annoying, and can result in a 2 day ban after 4 kicks and 5 warnings.
  3. Drama. This is supposed to be a relaxed place. After 1 warning, and 1 kick, could result in a two-day ban. If you have to have this repeated more than once, you will be blocked for 2 weeks WITH a 2 week, 5 day ban from Chat.
  4. Roleplaying other peoples cats and saying that they are your. You get 3 warnings and 1 kick or a 3 day ban.


  • You ARE allowed to swear here.
  • You can have as many cats as you want.
  • Don't even try to argue with a Admin or Bcrat.

What you need to go up a rank.Edit

  • Chat Mod - You need MY TRUST, 100 edits*, and you need to be active.
  • Rollback - You need MY TRUST, 90 edits*, and you need to be active.
  • Admin - You need MY TRUST, 155 edits*, and you need to be active.
  • Bcrat - You need MY TRUST, and the trust of 2 of the other admins, 500 edits*, and you need to be VERY active.